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                    Address: No. 25, Houhu Road, Huang Village, Humen Town Dongguan City, Guangdong Province China
                    Tel: +86 769-87002035
                    Fax: +86 769-82890275
                    E-mail: qkx@dgzhuoda.com
                        Welcome to Zhuo Da Hardware Co, Ltd website. We wish you a pleasant day ahead.
                        We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to all our customers and friends for your trust and continuous support. We will continue to serve you with our excellent services and high quality products.
                        We warmly welcome all enquiries for mutual business devlopment.

                        Company overview

                        Zhuoda Hardware Co, Ltd is strategically located in Dongguan Humen Town, Huang Village Nuozhe Industrial Park with Guangzhou to the north, Shenzhen & Hong Kong to the south and with the Beijing ¨C Hong Kong high speed rail, Shenzhen expressway and Pearl River Delta Ring expressway running through the town area. The factory which is near Humen shipping port and 40km from Shenzhen airport provide an excellent transportation network system.
                        Founded in 1988 with headquarter in Hebei, Cangzhou, we established a new subsidiary factory in Dongguan City on April 2013 with a fixed asset of over RMB5 million. It sits in an area of over 2,000sqm and housed a workforce of more than 80 employees, of which over 50% are technical staff with over 5 years experience.
                        There are dozens of large type punches, press machines, various kinds of machining and surface treatment equipment to serve the electronics and automotives sector. The main products comprise of automotive temperature sensor accessories, leadframes, brackets, lugs, stainless steel housing & tubes and other metal stamping products widely used in home appliances, automotive, medical, food testing, etc.
                        Our company¡¯s main focus is on research and development, market expansion, human assets and consistent quality. With our import & export license, ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14000 environmental system certification, we are able to export our products to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries.
                        Zhuoda Hardware Co, Ltd, upholds management idea of ¡°Integrity as Basic and Technology as Priority¡±, and will provide the best products and excellent after sales service to all our customers. Together, let¡¯s create a brilliant tomorrow.

                    Address: No. 25, Houhu Road, Huang Village, Humen Town Dongguan City, Guangdong Province China   
                       E-mail: qkx@dgzhuoda.com    Tel£º+86 769-87002035 ¡¡Fax£º+86 769-82890275